At TECHWORTH, we believe the most effective way of offering the some of the highest quality work in the search engine optimization industry is to keep up with the latest technological developments. Techworth™ is fluid and dynamic company that keeps abreast of current trends in order to remain one step ahead of the competition and to give clients a continued reason to chose us over our competitors. We learn from developing trends and assess them as to how they can help our customers. If they meet our highly critical appraisal, only then will we modify our techniques to include them in our approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization Process followed by us :


Pre SEO Analysis

Before beginning SEO work, we measure how your site is currently performing. This phase helps us to understand strength and weakness of your site.

● Checking Indexed pages
Here we check how many pages of your site are included on each major search engines.
● Search Engine Ranking
Here we check where does your site stands in major search engines for your expected keywords
● Link popularity
Here we check how many incoming links you have to your site.
● Key Page analysis
Here we analyze and finds most important pages of your site that we should target for SEO.

Key phrase research and analysis

A Key Phrase is a combination of keywords that most appropriately define your product offerings and/or your area of operations. One of the most crucial steps in Search Engine Optimization is the process of Key phrase Identification. We carry out a deep analysis of your products and offerings and then sort out the most appropriate key phrases.
For the above, we consult you first then we research on the keywords you’ve suggested and choose the right keywords. Then our SEO experts identify and finalized a set of target key phrases for your site’s search engine optimization.

 Competitor Analysis and Benchmarking

We don’t work without benchmarking. Our SEO experts analyze the top 10 sites for the finalized key phrases and then compare all the aspects with your site. This gives us the basic difference in your site and the sites that are on top 10.

Architecture and Content Optimization

After analyzing competitors site, our team starts reworking on your websites page templates, HTML Code and internal linking structure. It involves:

● Improving the HTML Code structure of page to ensure the most efficient spidering of your website by the search engines.
● Improving the sites internal linking structure.
● Ensuring that site is search engine friendly by removing the Spam like factors.
● Optimizing the content to include more search phrases, thereby increasing the relevancy of web searches.

Submission to Directories

Here we submit your site to free as well as paid directories. You get report on submission.

Submission to Search Engines

If your site is new and not included in search engines, we submit your site manually to all major search engines. You get the submission report.

One Way Link Building

After completion of ON page optimization, we start building inbound links to your site. In bound links are one of the most important factors that guide your ranking. We are having online reporting system where you can view live statistics of daily that our linkers have got for your site. Apart from this we send you weekly report in excel sheet containing exact location of link to your site.


We keeps track of your site for all the targeted keywords and report you the development. Apart from this you will also get tabular as well as graphical periodic ranking of your site for targeted keywords in major search engines.

Maintenance and continuous improvement

We believe that SEO is not an one-off activity. It requires continuous ongoing improvement because search engine algorithms keeps changing their relevancy criteria.

Our Post SEO maintenance involves

● Link building
● Monitoring Ranking
● Reviewing optimization work and updating it if require
● Monitoring new phrases that are related to your products/offerings
● Resubmitting your site to directories and search engines